The International Diagnostics Centre (IDC) envisions a world where every person has access to the quality diagnostics they need to maximise their chances of a healthy life. Our projects, funded by research funders, industry and private donors, aim to take quality diagnostics from design and evaluation through to implementation. We work with scientists, regulators, politicians and advocates.

You can find a summary table below, which encapsulates the span of our work:


Work Area Core functions/activities Projects / Partners
Diagnostic research and development §  Help define target product profiles (TPPs);§  Produce technological landscapes;

§  Produce state-of-the art diagnostic summaries;

The Longitude Prizei-sense




Diagnostic evaluation §  Help with design of diagnostic evaluation;§  Establishment of networks of evaluation sites;

§  Establishment of networks of specimen and biobank sites;

§  Develop protocols for evaluation;

§  Convene experts to review data;

§  Disseminate information;

The Longitude PrizeFIND


Evaluation of Novel POC Zika Diagnostics

Regulatory approval §  Propose strategies that can streamline and accelerate the regulatory approval for diagnostics;§  Regulatory harmonisation;

§  Advocate for novel mechanisms for streamlining regulatory approval;

i-senseThe Longitude Prize


Policy development §  Through the Advanced Course in Diagnostics (ACDx), teach policy makers on how to translate evidence to policy; SIHIi-sense


Policy adoption §  Identify the adoption and implementation challenges of point-of-care diagnostics;§  Work with countries by providing data on projects e.g. dual elimination of HIV and Syphilis; i-senseThe Longitude Prize


Implementation §  Carry out state-of-the-art implementation of diagnostic projects to increase access to diagnostics;§  Promote awareness on the role and impact of diagnostics in AMR;

§  Use of digital health in AMR surveillance and epidemic preparedness.

The Longitude PrizeSIHI


Clinical Case Challenge on AMR


AMR Massive Open Online Course